Ribbon Skirt Workshops

A place to start reclaiming….

For myself, making my first Ribbon Skirt was an important step in reclaiming my Indigenous heritage. It is more that merely sewing a skirt and attaching ribbons to it.

It is indeed a spiritual connection from beginning to end. From listening to what the design on the material should be, to choosing the ribbon colours, the cutting and fitting and finally sewing it all together.


Even after my skirt was finished and I experienced a new sense of pride and purpose when I wore it, I found I had to go back to the sewing machine.

I had missed something. Now not everyone adds this item, however, in my case, I really needed to add a couple of pockets along the side seams. Invisible pockets.

Why pockets?

For me, I needed to add some of my medicine bundle right inside my skirt. I always carry a rock in my pants pockets and have for many, many years.

Along with keys, perhaps some change, and a pair of nail clippers, I found I really needed those pockets.

But why a rock in the pocket? For me it is that gentle reminder every time I put my hand inside and touch the stone is to keep myself grounded. Humbled, and close to the earth. I need that rock close at all times. Even in a time of stress, touching the stone brings peace.

May/June, 2023 Workshops

Knowing how important a seemingly simple ribbon skirt can be, this spring 12 individuals who have never received a ribbon skirt yet, are invited to join us for free workshops to make their own. All materials will be supplied.

  • May 23 & 30
  • June 6 & 13

Location: St James Anglican Church, 191 Hotchkiss Street, Gravenhurst. Times are 1-3pm. Come and have soup first, good conversation, teachings, and learning to sew your own skirt.

If you do not yet have your first ribbon skirt and would like to be included in this workshop, email: muskokafriendshipcentre@gmail.com

Members of Muskoka Indigenous Friendship Centre will be given first priority.

Ribbon Skirt material available to choose from for 2023 workshop

Join us…

Even if you have a ribbon skirt and you would like to make another one, you are welcome to join us if you bring your own material and ribbons. We’ll provide the rest of the equipment.

Win a Ribbon Skirt Kit !!

You have a chance to win this Strawberry Medicine Ribbon Skirt Kit by TheRibbonSkirtProject by buying tickets which will be drawn on Saturday, May 6 at our AGM.

$5 each or 5 chances for $20. Order them online.

These workshops are made possible by a grant from:

Our group consisted of Ojibwe, Metis, Cherokee, and Non-Indigenous Allies/Friends.

Our first Ribbon Skirt makers of 2018

This was an enjoyable, and yes, at times challenging project. None of the ladies had sewn on a machine before besides myself. Took in 8 machines and within minutes, none were working properly. Bent needles, tensions adjusted, jammed threads, and lots of laughter.

However, over the next few weeks, each woman was able to complete their own ribbon skirt and learned some new skills along the way.

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