Popcorn Popping

Fire & Ice Winter Fun !!

On the last Saturday of January annually, the Muskoka Indigenous Friends Cultural Centre is responsible for maintaining one of the fire pits at the Bracebridge Fire & Ice Festival. Not just to keep the fire going, but to also provide an interactive FREE activity for families.

We offer a Popcorn Popping experience. An indigenous food item over the fire!! A great way to strike up conversation about our food and ways.

Volunteers help…

prepare over 500 packages of popcorn. Because after the Bracebridge Fire & Ice Festival, we go to Gravenhurst for their Winter Festival on Family Day weekend in February.

Each 18 x 18 package of folded heavy duty aluminum foil required:

  • 2 Tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 2 Tablespoons popcorn kernels
  • pinch of salt

Then carefully folded until the day(s) of the event(s).

Relaxing by the fire….

Thanks to some Muskoka chairs, folks are able to sit, get warm, talk, and yes, pop some popcorn.

What a great day for everyone–

We will see you in Bracebridge and Gravenhurst during these special winter festivities.