Anti-Harassment Statement

Isn’t it a sad day when we actually have to publicly post a statement such as this. Stop the bullying! Even lateral violence across our Indigenous nations is becoming out of hand. The Board of Directors of the Muskoka Indigenous Friends Cultural Centre has agreed on the following statement to be made available at events and to appoint Anti-Harassment Officers as required.

Anti-Harassment Statement

Remember our Motto — WALK — We Are Like Kin

A member, or participant, of the Muskoka Indigenous Friends Cultural Centre has the right to attend gatherings and workshops hosted by the Muskoka Indigenous Friends Cultural Centre (MIFC) free from harassment, and bullying, including lateral violence. Our gatherings and workshops are meant to be safe places for everyone. A place to heal and connect with community and culture.

Harassment and discrimination are not joking matters and it will not be tolerated. They have a destructive effect on individual well-being, cultural gatherings or workshops, the community at large as well as the Muskoka Indigenous Friends Cultural Centre. Such actions are always unacceptable.
Our goal at the Muskoka Indigenous Friends Cultural Centre must be to protect human rights, to promote mutual respect, and to foster inclusion. We take this responsibility seriously to ensure that members and participants are treated with respect and dignity at all Muskoka Indigenous Friends Cultural Centre’s events and meetings.

Any member or participant, who feels targeted by harassment or discrimination must be able to speak up and know their concerns will be responded to immediately in accordance with MIFC Policies and Bylaws.

If an Anti-Harassment Officer is not on hand at the event in question, please reach out to the event facilitator/teacher/Elder.
You have the right to:

  1. report the incident,
  2. to be listened to,
  3. and to be given informed advice on how that matter may be resolved.

Allegations of Harassment may be dealt with in a number of ways from directly addressing the individual and informing them that such behaviour is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Other approaches include informal complaints to formal complaints and seeking resolution between the two parties. At anytime you can also take your concern to the Muskoka Indigenous Friends Cultural Centre’s head office for further investigation.