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    Muskoka Indigenous Friends Cultural Centre Application. Memberships are valid January 1 to December 31, annually. Memberships must be renewed every year.

    You must reside in the District Municipality of Muskoka to be accepted.

    • FREE — Children and Youth ages 0-17
    • $5 — Adult
    • $10 — Family (2 or more Adults)
    • $0 — Financial Hardship
    • $5 — DONATION — to assist with Financial Hardship applications

    THIS IS A 2-STEP PROCESS. Fill out the application form, and then return to fill out the shopping cart and any applicable fees.

    Please complete the form below. All personal information gathered will be utilized for the sole purpose of the Muskoka Indigenous Friends Cultural Centre’s database. No information will be disclosed to any other person(s) or organizations.