Founded June 2022


Through an initial invitation by the Huntsville Public Library, the MIFC-Huntsville started with an informal Meet & Greet with community members, Indigenous and Non-Indigenous, to gauge the need and desire for expansion of our services at this time. The answer was yes.

We started with monthly workshops including: Dreamcatchers, Orange Shirt Pin Beading, and Dot Art Painting.

In 2024, services and programs are doubled–now meeting 2x month. We are always listening to the needs of the community and their self-direction in services and programming needed.

Keep an eye on our events calendar for the latest workshop information…..

Stay tuned with new opportunities to join in at:

Huntsville Public Library

2024 Healing project

Walk With A Soft Moccasin

Maarsii, Miigwetch, Nia:wen, Thank You to the Anglican Foundation of Canada for funding this special 2024 project.

Throughout the year and in multiple Muskoka locations, an array of skill building workshops and teachings will conclude with Indigenous community members being able to make their own moccasins.

Starting with deer hyde and learning basic beading skills on smaller projects will allow participants an opportunity to work with leather and beads. Gradually participants will step up their skillset by working with moose hyde (much thicker to work with) and more detailed beadwork.

Finally, over a 2 day workshop, Indigenous community members who feel comfortable working with the moose hyde will be guided to making their own pair of moccasins. Just in time for the colder weather of approaching winter.

For adults and teens, registration is required.


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Indigenous and Non-Indigenous community members who reside in the District Municipality of Muskoka are eligible to become members of the Muskoka Indigenous Friends Cultural Centre. Members have voting rights of who represents the community on the Board of Directors.