Youth Rattle Making Workshops

Family bonding time

A blending of generations…

During the March Break of 2023, several Gravenhurst area Indigenous families came together to work on building the ceremonial bundles of their children and grandchildren.

In fact, 10 youth now have their own rattles. An upcoming rattle workshop is occurring at the Huntsville Public Library on Fri/Sat, April 14-15. Ten more people will soon have rattles in their bundles.

Stay tuned as we secure funding to offer more Rattle Making Workshops.

Learning new skills…

From learning about the history of rattles to learning what the 3 spirits of rattles are:

  • Animal
  • Plant
  • Earth

to learning just how challenging sewing sinew through deer raw hyde can be. But the reward for the work was well worth it.

This participant and her sibling got to paint theirs afterwards at Kokum’s house.

great work everyone–Huntsville

Allowed everyone’s creativity to shine through

It makes your ceremonial bundle items so much more special when you have been part of its creation.

side 1 of our community rattle
side 2 of our community rattle

One of the participants recognized the designs on our community rattle. It was gifted to our group several years ago and no history was given at the time. But now, we have some more information.

This rattle has 2 pictures painted on it. One is of a turtle with 7 white stones or eggs and the other is a crane.

It turns out that these are both some of the petroglyphs found at the Petroglyphs Provincial Park in Woodview, Ontario. Over by Peterborough.

And we learned more about our community rattle …..

You can learn more about the Petroglyphs Provincial Park here…..